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OMEGA is the Oxfordshire Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Group for Action. We are a self-help group for people with ME or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and their carers.

Karl Talk October 2023

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April 2023

A belated Happy 2023, and with the start of Summer round the corner theres a few things to tell you about now our website is back!  check back for updates soon.   

December 2022

Once again in seem we are wishing everyone in the M.E. World a safe Christmas time and a Happy New Year :)  Follow us on Twitter: @omegaoxon

December 2021

Wishing everyone in the M.E. World a safe Christmas time and a Happy New Year

from all at OMEGA

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November 2021

GET scrapped from NICE Guidelines at last!

Zoe Williams and brother Trevor have been on the radio, talking about what it means to us that graded exercise is no longer recommended for M.E. It's 15 minutes starting at 15:13.

Download or listen to .mp3 here

Radio link (which will expire) Kat Orman Listen Here 

Saturday 18th September

Catch Karls Talk here :

Link to share : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSc6QZyvQN8

Slides from Karl's talk at the OMEGA meeting https://bit.ly/3EA3iT1

Please do support his work and research by making a contribution here : https://mortengroup.org.uk/fundraising

ProstestNICE4ME MONDAY 20th September 2021

There is going to be a demonstration on Monday 20th September - 1pm outside NICE headquarters. 

If you can’t attend the protest in person and don’t have anyone who can go on your behalf, you can send a video message, picture or short message by email that will be read at the protest on Monday on your behalf.  Tell us how YOU feel about NICE delaying publishing the #MEcfsguidelines.  Photos and videos (under 2 mins) to hello@thechroniccollaboration.com

NICE4ME Protest Monday 20th September


AGM and talk by Karl

Dr Karl Morten will explain his cutting-edge biomedical research in to the pathology of ME/CFS from 2.30pm after the OMEGA AGM at 2pm BST.


About the talk:

The role of the microbiome in fatigue: does sex make a difference?


Microbial imbalance of the intestinal biome is a key associated factor in many chronic conditions including Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME/CFS).


 Our major research goals are to increase our understanding of ME/CFS and open up new treatment options. If a leaky gut is a key component of ME/CFS, restoring a normal gut microbiome balance could be life changing treatment options.


Our collaborator SoftCell Biologicals Research (SBR) have developed approaches examining the host tissue biome. This is an un-tapped area of medicine with the presence of significant levels of wall-less (L-Form) opportunistic pathogens present in many chronic disease states. Using novel L-Form culturing methods SBR have treated L-form cultures from patients with chronic urinary tract infections (CURTIs) using a standard antibiotic panel. Clinicians acting on this information have noticed improvements in a number of patients.


Clinical studies, using this approach will allow antibiotics tested in the laboratory to be used to treat patients in a blinded trial setting. In this presentation, I will highlight our research with the Doveclinic exploring levels of gut dysbiosis in a broad range of conditions many of whom suffer with fatigue. The impact of age and sex on the gut microbiome will be explored with a focus on ME/CFS and cancer.


Exciting data from a comparison of recent trials of Gut Floral Replacement Therapy (GFTR) to the more conventional Faecal Microbiota transplantation (FMT) will be presented.


Dr Karl Morten

To donate to the research of Dr Karl Morten

Understanding the causes of ME/CFS

Research into the causes has been limited due to lack of funding, but the recent identification of high levels of L-form bacteria in the blood of ME/CFS patients suggests a compromised immune system could be a biological cause of the illness.



Talk about pause to NICE Guidelines on M.E. on Radio Oxford


Talk about pause to NICE Guidelines on M.E. on Lilley Mitchell sits in (23/08/2021) BBC Radio Oxford 

13mins Michael

32mins Trev

Click for sound clips..

JUNE 2020 - COVID-19 lockdown - OMEGA is adapting also to the current situation

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M.E. on the Radio Kat Orman, 10th May

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Monday 10th May 2021

1.10 - 1.18  Stella from Fritwell

1.26 - 1.33  Iona from Aston

1.50 - 2.00  Mike from Bicester then with James from Kidlington

Wednesday 12th May
14 min - 26 min  (12 mins)

Stella and Charlie from Witney


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OMEGA offers help and support by providing:

  • Meetings, social events and workshops - Including talks by both conventional and complementary practitioners, latest research and benefits information - see Forthcoming Events
  • Quarterly newsletters – Full of supportive advice and information, including some jokes and pictures.
  • Monthly meditation group – For further details please contact omega.meditation@phonecoop.coop
  • Information and training for Health Professionals
  • Access to other Oxfordshire groups - See below:
  • Telephone contact list – For details contact OMEGA – Details below.
  • A library

OMEGA is also active in research and campaigning for improved services:


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