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Oxfordshire Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Group for Action (OMEGA)

Constitution - April 2010

  1. Name: The name of the organisation is Oxfordshire ME Group for Action (OMEGA) also called the group.
  2. Aims and Objectives: The aims of the organisation are:
    • To offer a point of contact for people with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), and related illnesses and their carers, families and friends.

    • To exchange information about the illness and its management and treatments.

    • To raise public awareness of ME/CFS and its effects.

    • To represent people with ME/CFS and related illnesses to the NHS and other health bodies i.e. to be the "patient voice".

    • To campaign for improved services, care and benefits for people with the illness and their families and carers.

    • To support research.

    • To provide information and training to health care professionals, educators and other professionals.

  3. Powers:

    The aims shall be carried out by any of the following and such activities that may be deemed necessary from time to time by the committee or the AGM:

    • Meetings, social events and workshops.

    • Newsletters, the website, email and telephone contact between members.

    • Telephone contact list. Local area informal social group meetings.

    • Information exchange with other groups.

    • Any special interest sub-group which may be convened with the agreement of the Committee and within the law at any time.

    • Raising funds, receiving grants and donations.

    • Joining or affiliating to other organisations which may provide benefits to the group.

    • Managing volunteer helpers in such roles and tasks as may be agreed by the committee and within the law. This shall include recruiting, training, hiring and firing.

  4. Membership:

    Membership shall be open to anyone who supports the aims of the group and who has paid the annual membership fee. So as not to exclude anyone from membership because of lack of means, at the discretion of two members of the Committee, the membership fee may be waived for those in financial hardship. A membership list shall be maintained by the committee. Membership shall last for one year and may be renewed.

    The Committee may with good reason suspend or terminate the membership of an individual, provided it is in the best interests of the group to do so, and they shall have the right to be heard by the Committee before such a decision is made.

  5. Annual General Meeting:

    The Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held every year giving fourteen days notice to members of the time and date. The AGM shall receive a statement of accounts and a report on the work of the group and nominate committee members if there are vacancies. Five members shall constitute a quorum at the AGM. Each member has one vote. Members may vote by post.

  6. Committee:

    The committee shall be elected at the Annual General meeting and shall meet at least once a year (frequency of meetings subject to the health and energy of committee members.) Business may be done by telephone, telephone conferencing and other means e.g. email if members are not able to meet. The committee shall consist (where possible) of chair, secretary, membership secretary, treasurer and any other members and roles as are agreed at the AGM particularly to manage/supervise/support volunteers.

    Members may be co-opted by the committee to fill vacancies. Three members shall constitute a quorum at the committee meetings.

    The Clinic Development Group shall be a sub-group of the main committee with responsibility for representing the interests of patients in Oxfordshire (i.e. be the ‘patient voice’) to medical services at all levels of the NHS. This includes campaigning and education where appropriate.

  7. Finance:

    Funds shall be held in the Group’s bank accounts. All cheques shall be signed by two of the designated members of the Committee. Funds shall be derived from membership dues, donations and from such sources as decided by the Committee. Funds shall be used to further the aims and objectives of the group as identified by the Committee.

  8. Dissolution:

    The Group may be dissolved at a Special General Meeting called for that purpose by the committee. Not less than 21 days notice shall be given of such a meeting. Any assets remaining after all liabilities have been met shall be passed to a similar organisation supporting the group’s aims. Such a decision shall require a two thirds majority of those who vote, including postal votes.

  9. Amendment of the Constitution:

    The Constitution may be changed by a two thirds majority of those who vote including postal votes. This shall be at a Special General Meeting called for the purpose or at the AGM.

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